Last week, my Computer Applications teacher presented to the class a list of websites. A very specific one caught my attention, and I feel like I should talk to you about it. This beautiful website is called Storybird.

You might be wondering why I am talking to you about this website specifically. What would have brought me to present you this website today? This is what I will tell you right now.

Basically, Storybird is a website designed to create stories. Art is already available to the write on this website, and any of it may be chosen to add to the story. The fact that this art is already available can be useful, since if you use this website, your students will not need to focus on drawing the pictures.Instead, they will only need to make sure they make a nice story. It allows them to focus on the content of what they are writing.

This makes Storybird a beautiful tool to use for writing assignments. By enabling the student to focus on the task at hand, which is writing, it allows them to create stories more depth, or at the very least with more content. On top of this, the presence of the art is something which will most likely help the student come up with an idea.

However, they are not the only reasons why Storybird may be a good tool for writing assignements. For example, Storybird can be useful for students who are having a hard time reading; when the text gets too complicated for the reader, they can rely on the picture to know what is going on.

On top of this, you do not even need to create an account to use Storybird. However, it still is recommended your students do so if they want to keep, publish or share the stories they created.