Lately, various interactive board have invaded the market, each trying to outrun the other in their run to the classes. However, what is it that makes them so interesting to teachers? Let’s find out.

Even though they first came out in 1991, interactive whiteboards only recently were adopted throughout the Québec school system. Most of the supplies are constituted by two kinds of boards: the SMART board and the Promethean ActivBoards. While the second seems to have made the first breach in the field of education of our part of the country, its SMART counterpart is presented as the current best seller. Of course, some older ActivBoard whiteboards can still be found in some classrooms, but their number is extremely few if compared to the SMART presence.

SMART boards are known for their interactive capability. This interactive capacity is triggered by either fingers or the tools given to the teacher using this kind of whiteboard. It can be triggered by both interactive touches at once, without it affecting the precision or efficiency of the touch. Two people can manipulate on-board tools, which makes it highly useful for classroom activities involving the students; the pupils can draw, write, or make an object move, depending on what the teacher chose to make his students do to improve their knowledge of the material presented. It basically can do anything your chalkboard and your computer can do once combined they are combined. All and any activity done on this board allows the child to use the material he already learned about. This allows him to retain the knowledge, as he changes from being a learner to being and experimenter.

The SMART board is easier for use by the teachers from Quebec than the Promethean products because of its design. When given a new tool, a teacher is not much inclined to testing it for hours to understand how it is supposed to work. A teacher needs to know it now, so he can focus on making more and better material for his students. This is how the SMART board is winning the game. Its design is easier to understand the Promethean products’ one, since most of the essential buttons are visible from the get go. For instance, a pen tray detects what you chose as a tool, without the user ever needing to select the pen from the software. As they say, it’s a “smart” board.

However, even with a Promethean whiteboard, the class can be presented well. The SMART choice is only a preference.